We’re Proud to Be Queer, but Capitalism is a Shame!

God hates flags

But these uggs *are* kinda cute, aren’t they? This week, we’re bringing an ep about — what else — Pride (and how we survive it). Stream the ep this very second!

We all know that gay rights were invented at Stonewall when that white boy from War Horse threw the first brick. JK JK, it was black and brown fags, trans folks, and drag queens and kings that stood up to the police violence that night. Stormé DeLarverie, Sylvia Rivera, and Marsha P. Johnson, say their names!

But gay activism pre-dates Stonewall, of course, and today we wanted to give you an extra delight and one of my fav lil stories of a gay bar and activism, two things I can’t get enough of.

The year was 1966. Stonewall was years in the future. Gays could be refused service basically anywhere; there wasn’t a specific law that said gays couldn’t drink, but the practice was common and justified by rules outlawing anyone “disorderly”. As the NYTimes (ew) explains:

“At the time, being homosexual was, in itself, seen as disorderly,” said Dick Leitsch, 81.

Girl, nothing’s changed there. We are pure chaos machines! An activist group called the Mattachine Society wanted to challenge the law, but in order to do so, they had to establish a legal basis for a lawsuit: They had to go out to be denied service. And so they did. Right here in NYC. At a bar — Julius — that is still a divey shithole (affectionately) with very good chicken tenders.

A reporter from The Village Voice captured the moment – three (cis vvhite men) told the bartender they were gay, and he placed a hand over their drinks refusing them service. The subsequent lawsuit successfully changed the law via the NY Supreme Court, ruling, “In our culture, homosexuals are indeed unfortunates,”  but that “their status does not make them criminals or outlaws.”

Wow! So progressive! 

Not all the pre-Stonewall riots and rallies were this lily white, and a lot of them — like Stonewall — explicitly responded to police violence and harassment of fags and sex workers. You can check out some of that herstory here and here!

That’s it for now my babbbbbies. Happy Pride, fuck it up, drink lots of water and ample rosé, and stay safe out there.

Xx Joe O The Science Hoe

*extra* delectable content

1. Speaking of queer herstory, bars, and activism, *please please please* check out this amazing documentary Jewel’s Catch One on the now-shuttered Los Angeles queer bar that served *icons* (Sharon Stone, Madonna, Jenifer Lewis, Bonnie Pointer, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Donna Summer) for decades and funded a health clinic downstairs. Just look at these perfect queeeeeeeens!

2. The way Anjelica Ross says “Fuck the police” in this video… it cleared my skin!

3. Shout out to that one time Michael Kors, an openly gay man, created his *first* pride campaign in 2019? Starring queer icon Bella Hadid? LOL flop

4. Rainbow Capitalism, we understand, is a new concept for a lot of people. And to be honest, there is a lack of nuance around the ways we critique Pride campaigns and hold them accountable. But the gist is this: In an ideal world, there would be no Pride campaigns. Corporations would play no part in a legacy founded on a queer-trans protest against police brutality. But we exist in capitalism, so the companies are gonna do it anyway. So in a sense, all Pride campaigns are a failure in their very existence. But beyond that, when companies do venture off to make this rainbow-washed marketing, they don’t even care or value us enough to think of good ideas for their advertising. And then we get….. Bella Hadid.

5. The NYT editorial “Let Cops March” but failed to recognize the fact that cops aren’t queer. Suspicious!

6. Lmao remember when Joe said “Roxane & Gay,” because he couldn’t think of the show “Will & Grace?” Honestly, a serve. Anyway, Roxane Gay responded to the NYT’s ignorant ass op-ed and it is so good. 

7. Legendary on HBO Max! That’s it that’s the tweet!

8. Lady Gaga said GAY RIGHTS! Ok this speech was a master class in performance allyship but also, I cried?

Also, was Fran the only person of color there? We are launching a thotvestigation!

9. Throwback to our second episode ever when Denne-Michelle’s took a turn on the Sip-n-Twirl. Like I said, herstory!

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11. If you’re curious about the Queer Liberation March and their efforts, you should read up about them here and follow them on social here. Anyone can organize! And you can organize against the Pride Industrial Complex locally working with the activists in your community, like how they are in Boston or Los Angeles.

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